Woohoo We’re Engaged!


Just last week I was walking down the beach talking to my mom about marriage and how I didn’t think it was in the cards for me. “Be patient she said, life will give you what you want” How right she was! Because, drum roll please, I’m engaged! Friends, If you don’t like engagement stories I would stop reading because I’m going to tell you the whole story, feelings and all!


Moving to Hawaii has been incredible. The weekends are fun and the weeks finally have a rhythm to them, it feels nice. Earlier this week was no exception, the morning felt pretty mundane. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to drop off my mom at the airport for a quick little get away. Bubba took the little ladies to school. When we got home we lounged around watching Bubba’s soccer game until he turned to me “You look radiant. I have a surprise for you.” I was in shock, not so much for the surprise but more for the radiant part. My messy knotted bun, stained shirt and old yoga pants didn’t warrant that compliment but I was all in for the surprise so I smiled and waited to hear the rest. “I’m taking you on a beach date” As you know beach dates are my favorite. We go to the beach every day but these dates are special. We bring our favorite foods, drink, laugh, craft and I wear a ridiculously huge homemade flower crown. It’s magical!IMG_4251

As he led me to favorite spot at my favorite beach (Its full of all sorts of memories and warm feelings) I could tell something was different. He was completely quiet and nervous. I quickly settled in to the cozy little love nest that he had set up in silence and looked around. He grabbed my face and talked about our past, our adventures, our family, the baby we dream of having, my strength of character. Then he kneeled on one knee. “You’re my dream girl Coco, my best friend, the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, I can’t imagine my life without you, you were made for me. Will you marry me?” WOAHHHH.


I stood there in shock. Everything disappeared all that was left was Bubba and a shell box that held my DREAM RING!!! He later told me that he had seen it on my Pinterest, see how sneaky he is?!?!, contacted the Jeweler who made it for me and then patiently waited a month for it.   IMG_4375 IMG_4399IMG_4381

I realized that I hadn’t done anything. I grabbed the ring, put it in this hand, he put it on me. “Are you going to say yes?” “Yes, of course yes” HOOORRAYYYY (Enter exploding confetti emoji here.) He popped open the champagne.IMG_4346IMG_4351IMG_4357 IMG_4408 IMG_4473 IMG_4480

Our beach was empty, with not a soul in sight. The water was crystal clear; I could see my toenails. My body felt tingly and my cheeks hurt so badly. We swam around and practiced calling each other fiancé. “Coco, this feels like heaven” It was all so dreamy, I had to agree.

IMG_4567 IMG_4585

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your engagement story is SO CUTE. I’m so happy for you! You two are the cutest, and your dream ring truly is goooooorgeous! I love that he put it in a shell 🙂

    MARIELLLEN here, it just doesn’t seem possible that I have known you since you were 9!
    Len & I are so happy, you are with the Love of your life, the best is yet to BE…
    Be Happy.
    Love & Light

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