Weekend Links- Declutter your Home for a Fresh New Year

Declutter your Home for a fresh New Year

This year is a bit special. I am spent the start of 2016 in Portland. I would normally spend the 1st at home, sitting in the middle of my room, with my new presents wondering where to place the new gems. At first I would feel complete stressed by all of my clutter, then quickly pile all of my stuff in a closet shut the door and pretend it wasn’t there…till spring cleaning came along. This year I choose a different start, a fresh New Year.

  1. This change began with Marie Kondo, a organization consultant and author of The Life Changing of Tidying Up. Before I even read her book, I watched Marie Kondo’s intro and Q&A with 92Y Plus. Marie’s love of organization got me fired up and filled with inspiration, I know it will do the same for you, its contagious! 
  2. Marie’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a keeper, but if you don’t have access to her book and are feeling particularly excited about starting off your organization right away then I have a quick solution. I found you a colorful Konmari checklist that breaks down each category by item.
  3. Maybe you are not a fan of the Magic of Tidying up, and find it too extreme. If that is the case expand your horizons by exploring minimalism. Interior designer Baiyina’s shares her personal experience in this short little video entitled No bargain shopping: My minimalism story.
  4. You are already a minimalist and you have nothing to get rid of. Maybe you’re right… BUT before you brush off this New Years purge go through this list of 116 things to get rid of and make sure you are not holding on to unwanted clutter.

That’s all friends. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I start my big purge. I cant wait. I hope you join me!!!

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