Weekend Links: Blood Baths, Pet Costumes and Spooky Cards


(Fruit Jack-o-Lantern)

Halloween is a week away! Can you believe it. This October has passed in the blink of an eye. I find myself completely unprepared for Halloween this year. Its ok though. Im going to make this week productive and festive as can be! These links have really inspired me and put me in a spooky mood.

  • I love a cheeky festive product. This Emerson ‘Vampire Blood Bath’ handcrafted natural soap has me smiling from ear to ear. It would make the perfect party favor. Don’t you think?
  • Pumpkin and Halloween go hand in hand. So I felt obligated to throw a gluten-free pumpkin recipe into the mix. Most of the treats I found were baked goods but this ‘Vegan Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream’ by the Minimalist Baker is simply inspired.
  • I have to admit it. I love a animal in costume. I used to think it was animal abuse but my doggy girl completely changed my mind. My current obsession is out of the ordinary pets in costumes. Like this Sphynx in a Diasy costume, or this Bearded Dragon as a Shark.
  • I know that pumpkin is the Halloween produce BUT in my heart blood oranges will always be the winner. Blood oranges are so dramatic and spooky. This Bleeding Mimosa is a must try! The blood orange juice is transformed into ice cubes which look like melting blood cubes (insert witch laugh here.)
  • Im a sucker for a good greeting card. I would love to send you all a handmade card but this Halloween E-card I found will have to do!

Notice that I didn’t include any costume inspiration??? I plan on posting a Hawaii Inspired Costume Roundup later this week. Excited? I know I am.

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