Weekend Links: Becoming a Plant Based Vegan

Becoming a plant based vegan

Recently, I have been getting asked to explain what a plant based vegan diet is. This is probably due to my Crafty little Coco Instagram where I have been very open and public with my journey. While the recipes on this site have been plant based vegan for a year now I only recently labeled them as such. I am going to answer the three main questions I have been getting asked and finish it of with some inspirational links!

So now for the question:

So what is this Plant Based Vegan thing ?

I can’t say what plant based veganism means to everyone but for me it means that I don’t eat animal or animal products. Instead the majority of my diet is whole, ripe, unprocessed plants and whenever possible local, organic and fair trade too. I say mainly because I do eat tofu and a few other treats that come packaged. I have a test that works beautifully.  I look at the food and ask myself: Is this from a plant? Could I make this myself? If the answer is yes I eat it. And yes I know how to make tofu… I’m just too lazy!

Aren’t all Vegans Plant Based?

No. There are a lot of junk food packed with preservatives that are vegan like airheads, sour patch, pringles, redbull , oreos… there is actually a huge list that PETA put together of accidentally vegan foods. None of which would pass the: ‘could I make it myself?’ test. I do have to say that I am on board with all vegan diets, even an oreo filled one, as long as it keeps you happy and healthy. All bodies are different.

Why Plant Based Vegan? It’s not hurting any animals to eat plain vegan.

I am only in control of myself. I wan’t to eat in a way that doesn’t harm beings, myself included. When I eat processed foods I don’t feel well, my energy plummets and my skin looses its glow. I feel great eating this way, physically, mentally and spiritually. That is why I eat plants.

What is a Plant Based Vegan Diet

I loved my transition, these are the resources that helped me along the way! 

  1. Youtube- Youtube was the first resource I turned to and met the lovely Ellen Fisher from Mango Island Mama, my first glimpse into this lifestyle. She rocked my world along with Jenny Mustard , Laura Miller and earthyandy.
  2. Blogs- I have decided to make a post dedicated to my favorite food blogs, I have soooo many! For now I’ll leave you with two; Fettle Vegan and Rawesome Vegan.
  3. Movies- I have been binge watching vegan documentaries. My favorite? Cowspiracy. But I also really liked Forks over Knives, Nation Earth and King Corn.
  4. Literature- I have been mainly reading online articles. The Vegan Society and Vegsource are great article hubs. I just hopped on the vegan book train. I am starting with The China Study.
  5. Instagram- Learning is the key to success when it comes to a vegan lifestyle. It does become a challenge when you are surrounded by non vegans. That is where Instagram comes in. There you can find a constant community of like minded people. I follow A TON of people but Phoebe Conway,  ToniAnni Kravi and BonnyRebecca are my current favorites.

Eating Plant Based Vegan

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