Upcycle Glass Bottles into Decor

Upcycle Glass Bottle into Decor

Friends, I can hardly call this a DIY. In short, bottle + water + leaf = DIY décor. It is however one of my most loved home beautification projects. Isn’t it spectacular?!?!?

Glass Bottle Collection

These bottles are my all time favorite, I collected each one on a different trip (Oh the memories). I call them my prized collection and Bubba calls it selective hoarding.

I never quite figured out how to display the bottles. Keeping them grouped together in the corner made it feel like clutter so I hid them.  Little did I know that the various sized bottles could be used as the main décor in my space.

I used to keep these beauties in a chest, hidden to collect dirt, but now……

Home & Interior Inspiration

I have taken them out cleaned them up…

Upcycled Glass Bottles

Spread them out and repurposed them.

Bottle VasesBottle Plant Decor

The change has drastically changed my space. Who knows maybe one day my collection will grow till my home feels like a jungle (fingers crossed).

Leaves in Vases

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