Weekend Links: Top 5 Etsy Creatives

Starting up an Etsy store is one of my constant day dreams. When the grand opening happens it will be a long time coming! For now I am putting all of my time and effort into my main dream, this blog.… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Becoming a Plant Based Vegan

Recently, I have been getting asked to explain what a plant based vegan diet is. This is probably due to my Crafty little Coco Instagram where I have been very open and public with my journey. While the recipes on… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Hydrating through the Holidays

I struggle with hydration. I really do. I could sugar coat it, tell you a bunch of lies or make up excuses, but I won’t. I do however realize the importance of H2O and I plan on improving. Do I… Continue Reading

Weekend Links- Documenting your Next Adventure

(Image. Source) Hello friends, Travel inspiration just in time for your week, who wouldn’t want to be traveling somewhere? Not in your cards at the moment? That’s ok! These inspirations will get you in the mood to plan a trip or… Continue Reading