Hawaii Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you are anything like me Halloween has snuck up on you fast this year. Too fast. Not to worry though, blogs are bursting with last minute inspiration. I have compiled a few of my favorite with a Hawaii twist!… Continue Reading

Avocado Inari Sushi

Hi beautiful friends. I’m really excited to share this easy, quick, healthy recipe. It is a perfect cool snack for these hot Spring days AND it’s my favorite way to use left over rice! Ingredients 4 square aburaage [make sure to… Continue Reading

Rainbow Veggie Sushi Bowl

I have been on one of my infamous Pinterest sprees. Ive been posting like mad. It’s all so inspiring but when I saw this color wheel I knew I had to create something like it for the blog. Initially I… Continue Reading

Spicy Fried Tofu Sushi: Gluten-free

White rice is a huge treat for me. I LOVE sushi rice so when I indulge in a treat nigh it usually involves sushi. I try to eat clean and stick to this brown rice and quinoa recipe. BUT this… Continue Reading