Kale Guac Salad

I first had a bite of this salad at a party that my family hosted. We made the main dish and our guests brought side dishes. If you haven’t tried this type of party I highly recommend it. It’s like a… Continue Reading

Assorted Raw Vegan Bon Bons

Every year on Christmas Eve we set out a large silver platter covered in assorted chocolates. Some big, others covered in nuts and a few sparkled with gold. While I don’t consider myself a chocolate enthusiast something about this platter made… Continue Reading

Spicy Pineapple Salsa

Bubba and I recently received a kayak as an early Christmas gift. EEEeeeppp!!! We took it out yesterday, caught waves and watched the sunset. It was spec-tac-ular. The whole day made me realize two things. My mom might be the best… Continue Reading

Mango Papaya Smoothie

Cuties. I wanted to start off my Tuesday right by sharing one of my favorite breakfasts. It always leaves a huge smile on my face because it tastes like Hawaii in a cup. Who doesn’t want that feeling first thing in… Continue Reading