Upcycle Glass Bottles into Decor

Friends, I can hardly call this a DIY. In short, bottle + water + leaf = DIY décor. It is however one of my most loved home beautification projects. Isn’t it spectacular?!?!? These bottles are my all time favorite, I collected each… Continue Reading

Roundup: Outdoor Showers

I was really excited for memorial day weekend, I planned a handful of outdoor excursions and then I got sick! Its ok. I got over the disappointment quickly. Silver lining is that I had a lot of time to think… Continue Reading

Reinvent your Bedside Table in 5 Easy Steps

I didn’t have a bedside table until I was in college. I never thought twice about styling the table. On the contrary, it became my catchall. My room would stay organized and styled while my bedside table was in a… Continue Reading