Kale Guac Salad

I first had a bite of this salad at a party that my family hosted. We made the main dish and our guests brought side dishes. If you haven’t tried this type of party I highly recommend it. It’s like a… Continue Reading

Papaya Fruit Salad Bowl

Aloha, happy Tuesday cuties! I love this time of year, November in particular. It brings about great change and opportunity. Which means constant movement, car time, screen time, social time… I feel like Im always on the go. I used… Continue Reading

Starfruit Watermelon Salad (+ Starfruit Prep)

Something really exciting has happened in my life, not this exciting but close! There is a massive starfruit tree blossoming in the middle of our playground. It’s a HUGE deal. The children have been picking them and my fellow teachers… Continue Reading

Spicy Radish Sprout Cucumber Rolls

Summer is coming to a close but those summer parties have certainly not! I find it challenging coming up with new and exciting hors d’oeuvres to bring to parties that are vegetarian and are not chips and salsa. Ideally I… Continue Reading