I am Coco Kapfer, a big time hugger. I hope to meet you in person some day but for now a web hug will have to do.

Who- Crafty little CocoMeet Coco Kapfer of Crafty little Coco

Lover of all things color, health and travel. I was raised on Oahu where I stuck out like a soar thumb, still do. So I ventured out and moved to Oregon to find like minded people who valued veggies and crafts. Since then I have decided to become a vegan nomad, traveling around with my love, while fully dedicating myself to my dream, this blog.

When- Crafty little Coco

In 2013, after four Oregon winters of battling seasonal depression (YUCK), I had had enough. My health was no longer a priority, I gained weight, spent most of my time indoors, and lost touch with myself and my surroundings. I needed a change so I decided to bring island life back into my day to day life in Oregon and Crafty little Coco was born.

Why- Crafty little Coco

Are you getting caught up with the day to day, feeling stressed, tired, unhealthy, and in desperate need of a vacation? I am here to show you that you can have that holiday, that island lifestyle, right in your own home. Your life is going to change. This new, next chapter will be filled with fresh foods, happiness, self-love, compassion and travel.

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  1. Your blog is AWESOME! So glad I followed. Looking forward to getting some Hawaiian sunshine in my life in the form of your recipes and photos

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