Hawaii Inspired Halloween Costumes

Fruit Salad

If you are anything like me Halloween has snuck up on you fast this year. Too fast. Not to worry though, blogs are bursting with last minute inspiration. I have compiled a few of my favorite with a Hawaii twist!

Fruit Salad-Fruit costumes are all the rave this year. Don’t be limited by one fruit. A yellow dress with a green crown will scream pineapple but a headdress with fruit and a patternful dress will also do the trick. Gather a group of ladies, clash your colors, and vua-la you’re a tropical fruit salad.

Hula Lamp

Hula Girl Lamp- We all have the urge to dress up as a hula girl. I get it. It’s a cute look. Why not take it a step further and decorate a lamp shade and wear it as a hat. That way you wont be the 20th hula girl at the party, your original costume will pop!

Tourist Costume

The tourist. Some see it as the lazy, last minute costume. BUT I would have to disagree. It’s all in the details! It makes a perfect couple costume AND you get to carry around a camera as a costume accessory. How great is that!

Flower Costume

A Flower. I love a good abstract costume. Hawaii is bursting with flowers. Why not create a huge headdress or glue flowers onto a dress. Extra points if you use tropical flowers: birds of paradise, plumerias and hibiscus, to name a few!

Sushi Costume

Sushi Girl- Some refer to Hawaii as little Japan due to the amount of Japanese food, culture and families that you find here, especially on Oahu. So why not kitch it up and dress as sushi?!? Each year I see a sushi costume, no two are the same. I love the endless options. You could be a roll, inari, a spam musibi…. so many possibilities!!!


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