Engagemoon – Your Engagement Honeymoon

Engagemoon - A honeymoon for your engagement

Good morning cool cats!

A few of you have asked about updates on my recent engagement (have you read the post? If not do it. It still makes me squeal around like the happiest little piggy in the world). Where you thinking I was going to get completely wedding crazy? Well I have good new, or bad depending on what you’re into. Crafty little Coco won’t become a wedding blog, not that I can see at least.

I’ve found myself thinking ‘I’m engaged, now what?!?’ It was a little overwhelming until I decided to not think of the engagement as a pre-event but as an event itself. AND oh man did that change things!

The planning was put on hold and celebrations turned into our one and only priority. Bubba and I decided to go on a engagement honeymoon or a Engagemoon.

It’s amazing! Pretty soon we’ll start planning the wedding and it will be AMAZING but it will still be planning with others in mind. Well think about a budget, diets, allergies, weather… a million things. On the Engagemoon the only thing we had to think of was each other.

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Ok, Coco,  you loved your Engagemoon.

What are some tips you can give me for MY Engagemoon?

Glad you asked, cutie!

Time- This all depends on what you have available. Bubba and I both work so we couldn’t take off too much time. We made it a long weekend and it was perfect.

Location- I would choose something sentimental and personal for the two of you. Bubba and I have this obsession with camping so we went with that. Do you and your love have a favorite hotel, or a nearby city that’s special?

Food- Our relationship is built around food. We decided to be relatively care-free about everything besides food. We went to markets, restaurants, food trucks. Made picnics, breakfasts in bed. I would recommend doing some pre-planning. Find a couple of new spots and make time for the tried and true favorites.

Attire- Where are you going? I kept a carefree style. I wore flowy dresses, overalls, turbans, swim suits and silk. I brought my favorite clothes and I recommend you do the same. Make sure you feel sexy and beautiful, whatever that means to you. Not everyone feels sexy in overalls, I get it.

Goodies- I love keepsakes. Each day we went to a new beach, walk or hike. I collected coral, rocks, feathers, flowers, and photos. Lots and lots of photos. Bring a camera! You won’t regret it.

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