DIY Gods Eye

diy-gods-eye A Ojo de Dios or God’s Eye is often thought of as a camp activity or a decoration. Most of the time the historical significance is lost. What a shame because let me tell you, it makes this DIY a million times more special!

Heres what I have gathered: The Ojo de Dios was used ceremoniously amongst many tribes in Mexico. Some tribes used the Ojo de Dios as a house blessing, as a sign of protection for a new born, for others it was a way to have the elders pass on their knowledge to the younger members of the tribe.

The process of making a God’s Eye is extremely repetitive, it feels like a meditative practice. AND it leaves you with a bold, beautiful finished product. Not too shabby!


-3 sticks 12″ in length (Traditionally the Eye of God is made with two sticks but I chose 3).
-Colorful yarn. (all in all I used 30 feet of yarn).
-12″ of hemp string.


Cross three sticks at center. Use the hemp string to tie the center together by making an X. Tie in the back and cut off excess.


Use the hemp string to create small loop. Tie to the end of the stick. This will be the top of your Ojo de Dios.


Tie the multiple color yarn together to create one long strand of yarn.


Tie the end of the colorful yarn to the center of the sticks. Use the same yarn to go around the ‘top’ stick, then onto the next stick, go around and repeat.


Keep on repeating till the yarn has a 2 inch tail. Woohoo, you’re almost done, you rockstar!


Tie the 2 inch tail onto the last stick that you looped around and YOU’RE done!!! Flip right side up and admire your wonderful work !


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