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We are officially moved into our new home in Hawaii! It’s amazing! Our favorite part is the yard, which was screaming out for love and attention. At first we didn’t know where to start but then I remembered that in these cases the answer is usually the simplest option. We decided to build a compost. It turned out lovely AND it only took us an hour to make!Composting Tips & Tricks |Simple Compost 101Chores, Care and Harvest.

Composting is the perfect first project to create in any garden. If done right it takes minimal upkeep and yields great results. 

Containers and Location-

There are so many composting container options out there! None of them are bad and all of them are worth a try. I have only tried a handful. So far I have had a purchased composting bin. They are cheap and take up little space, perfect for city living. I have also tried homemade bins made out of wood, shipping pallets and wire fencing. These are lovely options that usually take 6 months to yield results so make sure your rooted in your home for a while. If you have a lot of space you can build a three-bin setup so that you have one bin to add to, one bin thats decomposing and the last last bin to harvest from.  We just built our very own home made compost bin using concrete blocks for the sides, thick branches on the bottom and a tarp to cover it just in case it gets wet and rainy. We are not using the tarp too often because we placed our pile in a sunny spot, which speeds up the process and helps the bacteria do its thing. IF you have already tried all of this or you are adventures try vermicomposting or trench composting and then report back, I haven’t tried it yet but Im curious!!! 

“Green” and “Brown” Waste-

Green materials are alive and full of nitrogen. Food scraps, green leaves and fresh grass trimmings are all “Green” Waste. While Brown waste is full of oxygen. Dried leaves, branches, brown paper bags (shred first), Corn stalk, newspaper (shred first) and egg shells are all brown waste. I use a 3 part brown to 1 part green ratio but you can wing it. Honestly it’s nothing to stress about because the compost will show you what it needs. If it lacks brown waste it becomes too wet and gloppy but thats easily fixed just add brown waste!!! See how simple it is?!? 

Composting Tips & Tricks |Simple Compost 101 Containers and Locations

Chores, Care and Harvest.

Once a week the pile will heat up, thats the perfect time to take out a pitchfork or shovel and toss your pile. Turning the compost will mix up the waste and enliven it with oxygen. After you have tossed it take a handful and asses if its too dry or wet. The compost will gain a earthy smell, loose all traces of waste and turn a rich dark brown when its ready to use. It’s pure magic!!!

I am so excited to share our next gardening tip with you. We are in the process of choosing our next project so chime in and suggest what  you want to see next!!!

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Happy gardening!!!!

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