15 Under Recognized Female Civil Right Activists

I am a big time daydreamer. One of my recurring daydreams is sitting down to a cup of tea with some of my idols. I’m sure you do it too, right? Since I can’t meet these heroes in person I have… Continue Reading

Best of Crafty little Coco 2015

Where did 2015 go? I swear the years are getting shorter and shorter! Here at Crafty little Coco, 2015 was a year of realization and growth. We can’t wait for 2016 and all that it has in store. A newsletter,… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Hydrating through the Holidays

I struggle with hydration. I really do. I could sugar coat it, tell you a bunch of lies or make up excuses, but I won’t. I do however realize the importance of H2O and I plan on improving. Do I… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Resolutions & How to Accomplish Them.

We’ve survived the holidays, the socializing, gift giving and eating…so much eating. Now it’s time for a more personal time, welcoming in the new year, and a new you. I have been really mindful of my resolutions and the goals… Continue Reading