Weekend Links: Becoming a Plant Based Vegan

Recently, I have been getting asked to explain what a plant based vegan diet is. This is probably due to my Crafty little Coco Instagram where I have been very open and public with my journey. While the recipes on… Continue Reading

Weekend Links- Declutter your Home for a Fresh New Year

This year is a bit special. I am spent the start of 2016 in Portland. I would normally spend the 1st at home, sitting in the middle of my room, with my new presents wondering where to place the new… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Refreshed, Free, and Full of music!

Aloha friends. This past week has left me feeling fantastic! Why you ask? Because I cleaned my home. In a BIG way. We’re talking get rid of 1/4 of your things, scrubbing on your hands and knees kind of cleaning. Here… Continue Reading

Weekend Links: Lets Talk Music pt. 2

5 Tracks I have fallen behind on homework. These 5 tracks have kept my eye on the prize!(Image below: Bubba gave me a flower as motivation to get me through my homework!) Some oldies. All goodies. Rubblebucket- Pain from Love… Continue Reading