Upcycle Glass Bottles into Decor

Friends, I can hardly call this a DIY. In short, bottle + water + leaf = DIY décor. It is however one of my most loved home beautification projects. Isn’t it spectacular?!?!? These bottles are my all time favorite, I collected each… Continue Reading

DIY Plant Table Setting

Aloha friends, Today I wanted to talk to you about table settings. As some of you know this year will be my first year making Thanksgiving for my family. It’s usually a three person endeavor but my loved ones think I’m… Continue Reading

Composting Tips & Tricks |Simple Compost 101

We are officially moved into our new home in Hawaii! It’s amazing! Our favorite part is the yard, which was screaming out for love and attention. At first we didn’t know where to start but then I remembered that in these… Continue Reading

Succulents 101

Spring has me inspired to garden! I have to admit after a winter of not gardening I start off feeling a little rusty… I question whether my green-thumb has kept its growing magic through out the cold wintery months. I… Continue Reading