Upcycle Glass Bottles into Decor

Friends, I can hardly call this a DIY. In short, bottle + water + leaf = DIY décor. It is however one of my most loved home beautification projects. Isn’t it spectacular?!?!? These bottles are my all time favorite, I collected each… Continue Reading

DIY No Sew Furoshiki Book Bag

I always travel with cloth. I never noticed just how handy that is till today. I have used the cloth as a scarf, belt, headdress, jewelry and today I used it as a bag! I rediscovered Furoshiki when I watched a… Continue Reading

DIY Vegan Coffee Face Mask

Ok friends. I am really going to test our friendship today. I have to admit that I don’t wear makeup, I’m sure you’ve noticed, and I don’t drink coffee. Eeeeppp! I know. I wish I could get on my high… Continue Reading

DIY Holiday Driftwood Wreath

I can barely contain my holiday excitement. This is not to say that I am playing non stop holiday music, shopping like mad (sorry Black Friday), or covering my whole house in tinsel. On the contrary this Holiday season I… Continue Reading