A Crafty little Update (VIDEO)

I am BEYOND excited to share this next chapter of my creative life with you! But first a little apology is in order. Agh. Admitting when you’ve messed up is super tricky, not my favorite, but here is goes. I’ve been… Continue Reading


Aloha Friends! Wow, a lot has happened this past week! We have officially started our Youtube channel. We are SO excited, we can check off one item from our New Years Resolution list. BAM! We have decided to jump into the deep end… Continue Reading

Kale Watermelon Green Juice Recipe

Remember when we talked about juice? You know, that time when we got the juicing low down with Juicing 101 and that other time when we made that awesome beginners juice? Well here we are ready to plunge into the… Continue Reading

Plant Based Vegan Food Diary (VIDEO)

Friends! We have made our first video for Crafty little Coco. We made a What I Ate In a Day video, my favorite videos to watch on Youtube. I started watching them a year ago when I first considered becoming… Continue Reading