Assorted Raw Vegan Bon Bons

Assorted Raw Vegan Bon BonsEvery year on Christmas Eve we set out a large silver platter covered in assorted chocolates. Some big, others covered in nuts and a few sparkled with gold. While I don’t consider myself a chocolate enthusiast something about this platter made the holiday time feel real and tangible.

When I decided to cut out all animal and animal products from my diet and become a plant based vegan my mind immediately went to that silver platter.

It took me an entire day of bon-bon trials, one of the sweetest days on my life, but I finally found the perfect bon-bons that is worthy of being placed on the silver platter.


Raw Vegan Plant Plantbased Sweets


  • Place cashews, dates and cacao nibs into a food processor. Pulse till its smooth.
  • Scoop out mixture and place on plate.
  • Place in fridge for 1 hour, so its not too sticky.
  • Roll in balls. I wanted them to be varied in size some are nickel sized others are as big as quarters.
  • Roll balls in toppings.
  • Place in fridge till you are ready to serve this ooey gooey masterpiece.

Raw vegan desert Raw vegan Date Balls


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