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Onto my Instagram.

I realized that I never really speak about my relationship here on this blog, the last time I shared something incredibly personal was when I got engaged. Even though I find relationships personal I also find it incredibly healthy to share, especially when it could help someone else. That and I am tired of headlines that read “How to Find a Man” or “How to Keep your Man”. Thats all well and good but I wanted to change the conversation to what I find fascinating about relationships- that no two are the same.

The Language of Love is the idea that you and your loved one are constantly communicating emotions through your actions. It’s easy to say ‘I love you’, but how are you showing it?

It might seem silly or obvious to treat your partner with love but life gets busy and love can fall by the wayside.

I am really trying to be mindful of my actions. Lately my life looks like this:

I hope this prompt you to go out and do something really special for your loved one, whoever they may be.


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Welcoming -Eclectic And Vegan-

IMG_8984Aloha friends. Can you believe that it’s already April? I surely can’t. These last few months have been really busy, mainly focusing on a major rebranding and launching Eclectic And Vegan, my little business.

I had an epiphany that Crafty little Coco, this little blog, is way too personal. When I started trying to make money from it something felt wrong. I started to realize that I wanted to keep this space personal but I also create a space to collaborate, grow, profit and build community. So I created Eclectic and Vegan. This next year I will be traveling meeting new vegans, learning of new recipes and exploring minimalism.  While this blog will stay focused on me and my life, Eclectic And Vegan will showcase the greater vegan community. Don’t worry, I’ll still be there as I share my weeks in a weekly vlog called Watch A Week. Once we settle down in one spot I hope Eclectic And Vegan will grow into a shop and, what gets me SOOO excited, is hosting vegan events. Since we will be a nomads for the next year Eclectic And Vegan will mainly be online. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

VIDEOS- In this What I Ate video we show you how to make 3 delicious meals. All incredibly easy, tasty and healthy.

INSTAGRAM– I’ve put most of my effort into our Eclectic And Vegan Instagram. It seems to be the best way to connect with people and learn about different experiences in the vegan community. We post 1-3 times a day. Eclectic And Vegan Instagram TUMBLR– I was really into collage and vision boards as a child. Now that I am purging things I find that keeping these projects online is more beneficial. We share Eclectic And Vegan photos as well as other images that we find up lifting.

Eclectic And Vegan Tumblr

TWITTER– I actually just started this bad boy two days ago. I am really getting into it. We will be posting 1-5 times a day on here. Please contact me with your Twitter. I am looking for new accounts to follow.

Eclectic And Vegan Twitter

PINTEREST- Pinterest has always been my guilty pleasure. I used to sit and cut out pictures and recipes from magazines in folders. Lame, I know. But now that Pinterest is around it is totally accepted. Ha! I mainly post vegan recipes, home interiors, travel inspirations and beautiful women of color.

Eclectic And Vegan Pinterest

So thats that. I would love to hear how your doing.


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Aloha friends,

A few of you have been asking for more sweet vegan recipes. So here is another one!

This is a traditional vegan pudding recipe, if you want something a little more daring why not try this Avocado Chocolate Mousse Recipe.


3 cups flax milk
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup coconut sugar
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt
1 tbs vanilla extract
5 tbs corn starch

Mix cocoa powder, sugar, corn starch and salt together.
Mix in milk till smooth.
Place all of the ingredients in saucepan, stir till it comes to a Mix Ingredients in saucepan on medium heat till it comes to a boil.
Once it has boiled stir for 2-5 min till thick.
Take off heat and let it cool for 1 min.
Mix in vanilla.
Put in containers.
Chill for 2 hours.

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Everyday could be Valentines (VIDEO)

EVERYDAY IS VALENTINESAloha. Happy Valentines.

I am not a huge fan of this holiday, mainly because I believe everyday has the potential of being Valentines. You can go out and buy yourself and love ones flowers and vegan treats any day of the year! OR better yet, you could make your loved ones this AMAZING treat!

I have to admit that this year feels particularly loving. I became a plant based vegan because I wanted to live a more compassionate life. At first it was for the animals and the environment but now I realize that it encompasses so much more than that. I have new found love for the people around me and a deeper love and respect for my partner, health and myself. Thank you for all of the support, love and encouragement.